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How do we do this? Creation process

Greenhouses of the fifth generation UltraClima, which uses «Sunrise Group», allow the microclimate to be controlled with high accuracy.

Despite the weather conditions, the temperature in our greenhouses is the most comfortable for the plant. Individual ventilation ensures the address distribution of air flows, which allows the delivery of an optimal amount of oxygen to each plant.


For watering our vegetables, we use automated irrigation technology "tide", draining the drainage after the end of the cycle of water. The duration of each cycle is calculated by our agronomists.


For the effective photosynthesis of our plants, from October to April, we have created lighting systems that operate from our own energy center. Thus, we have an uninterrupted production process.

Pollination by bumblebees

Flowering is perhaps the most important process in plant life. This is the culmination of his development, eye-catching.
During flowering, we use a modern ecological technique pollination by bumblebees.

In hothouses there are hives, in which bumblebee families live, pollinating plants with a natural ecological method. We do not force nature to work for us. We politely ask, and she agrees.

Preserving the harvest

Environmental responsibility is our principle. Therefore, the rejection of any use of pesticides was, is and will be the basis of our philosophy. Our greenhouses are constantly under slight overpressure, preventing the penetration of pests.

Those few of them that still find the way inward, are destroyed by useful insects - entomophages, feeding on pests, preventing thereby their reproduction. To preserve the purity of all Sunrise Group greenhouses, we observe strict quarantine with the help of modern disinfection systems and special protective overalls worn by all employees and visitors of our complex.


While some talk about ecology, we just strictly follow the simple rules. Mosquito nets, which are equipped with all the windows in the complex, do not let pass pests, and allow to abandon chemical treatments that impair the ecological purity of the products.

We do not use either genetically modified hybrids and varieties, nor growth stimulants, since an ideally tuned microclimate inside the greenhouses and without these factors makes it possible to fully reveal the potential of the plant.