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Who are we? About our team
About us

1. «Sunrise Group» is a group of greenhouse enterprises, which, thanks to advanced technologies, qualified personnel and the forces of nature, grows only the best vegetables.

2. We produce only environmentally friendly products. Since our greenhouses apply the technology of the fifth generation UltraClima, we completely abandoned use of pesticides in the cultivation of products.

Our goal is not to get a quick profit, but to work for a reputation.

We try to create only the best product and every day we go to our goal.

«Sunrise Group» is not just a business, it's a favorite thing.

Our team

The team of «Sunrise Group» employs more than 500 people.

In working with staff, we try to apply an individual approach, taking into account their needs and interests. Therefore, we have a minimum staff turnover.

This approach allows us to build an effective working model: our employees motivated and ambitious. In addition to the unique microclimate in our greenhouses, we created a unique microclimate in our team than we are very proud!